To cite easy charm point of magnesium oxide, is "recyclability" and "clean", "inexhaustible resources." Currently, magnesium and how to use the sunlight, produce energy has started to move toward the realization in the world. It also has become such a flow, magnesium is because they are "almost limitless content" in the sunlight and sea water, which, taking into account the wealth of resources, the depletion of the energy problem, a very attractive be said that such a point.

In addition, it is said that when produce energy in the magnesium, carbon dioxide and does not cause any harm. This is the "clean" In other words, to prevent serious environmental problems such as global warming, will be an essential element.

And, finally, "recyclability". After creating and solar energy in magnesium, magnesium oxide to be dropped as it is produced is a waste it is, this was a true problem for the environment. However, it can be reduced to magnesium oxide is magnesium.

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By doing so, the energy system having excellent circulation is not called, was born. This site, and magnesium oxide are expected to play an energy problems of the next generation, in, paying attention to the point that it is functioning around us and how actually, a concrete example of some , I think I would like to introduce. I think those close to us, is what has been supported by the magnesium oxide, how you can see we can become.